11 Barfield Ave By Linebox Studio

This East York neighbourhood is comprised of many war era homes that are slowly changing due to many infill housing projects. An example is the residence at 11 Barfield Ave designed by Linebox Studio Inc., led by Principal Andrew Reeves. This modern home had stringent budget and design constraints, including maximizing the efficiency and affordability of the site, materials, and labour costs, as well as providing a progressive and technically strong design and construction. The home was built on the existing foundation from the demolished home meaning that the existing driveway and large backyard remains. The main living space is a modern, large, open floor plan with its kitchen and living spaces slightly separated by a wrap-around central fireplace. The home receives maximum natural lighting and ventilation through operable skylights and plenty of geometric windows. The windows frame views of the neighbourhood and garden spaces, creating cohesion between the changing urban fabric and an intimate lifestyle.