As designers of the built environment, it is our goal to bring our clients unique concepts in how they inhabit and experience space. – Andrew Reeves


Linebox Studio is a collaborative studio with design capabilities in architecture, interiors, lighting, sound, furniture procurement and landscape. We also have LEED certified designers on staff to ensure our work is sustainably minded and executed wherever possible.

We believe that sustainability is intrinsic to good design.  As such, sustainability is part of everything we do. Our designers look to integrate living spaces with the natural environment in a harmonic way by identifying and using the specific characteristics of the natural environment in each design to ensure the home or place is well suited to its surroundings.

In every project we look to incorporate sustainable elements to the extent that the client wishes to do so.  We look to optimize the success factors of sustainable design including: passive heating and cooling, reclaimed materials, green roofs, geothermal heating/cooling, and harnessing all the natural energies in the environment.

“Our goal is to create environmentally responsible places and spaces that are artfully crafted, tactile and modern”