Amanda Ferguson

Intern Architect
Amanda attended Carleton University where she obtained her Bachelors of Architectural Studies with co-op term in addition to her Masters of Architecture. In her first year of her Masters, Amanda traveled to France and attended École des beaux Arts. During her co-op term, she worked on the final phase of Renovations for the Museum of Nature where she was an assistant Project Manager responsible for observing the unpacking as well as compiling the deficiency list. Amanda has also worked at Public Works as an assistant Project Manager, where she was involved in the renovation of the Wellington Building, Bank of Montreal, and Parliament’s East Block. She joined Linebox Ottawa in 2010 as a Student Intern during her undergraduate year.

She believes that the foundation to great design is successful communication and involvement with the client. Having a positive attitude, putting fresh new ideas on the table, and excitement of both parties are crucial. To gain a new perspective, Amanda works in a “layering” process where the work is constantly re-visited multiple times in order to keep proposals fresh, new, and innovative. Another element to her process is collaboration. It is important to have an open mind and be modest in the design process. One must embrace the uniqueness of each individual project and be aware that there is always room to learn. There is a fine line between being “right” and being happy, and she finds that successful collaboration results in a better idea than what was originally proposed.

To rewind after a long work week, Amanda loves trying new things, whether it is going to the Farmer’s Market or to concerts; the idea of the “anti hobby”, which reflects her interest in always wanting to try/do new things, is her hobby.