Biron Brunelle

Biron is a graduate of Algonquin College and holds two college diplomas; Heritage Carpentry and Millwork and Architectural Technology. Prior to joining Linebox Ottawa in January 2014, he owned his own contracting company, Diverse Ideas. Biron has a wide range of experience including framing, finishing, furniture making, and drawing.

In his career as a contractor, Biron has always maintained a keen interest with reading or producing construction drawings. As a veteran of the trade industry, he uses his hands-on-experience from the sites of the numerous projects he has worked on and applies it to his work with Linebox. This skill, coupled with his past collaborations with people who recognized the benefits of graphically illustrating concepts and ideas, allows him to efficiently analyze, assess, and resolve any issues that may arise during the construction process. He is a problem solver and strives to find ways to achieve the impossible.

Biron not only enjoys classic and folk music when all of the days’ problems are resolved, but also enjoys “jammin’ with the buds” on his guitar and double base.