Christian Selva

Christian received his Bachelor of Architecture at the Catholic University Redemptoris Mater in Nicaragua, where he won the National Architectural Design Competition for designing the “Cristo Rey” Monument in commemoration of the new millennium. After finishing his architectural degree he worked for a few years as an Architect with various firms and private companies in Nicaragua; most notably with a renowned French-Nicaraguan Architect at Chamorro and Abaunza Architects designing private schools, luxury hotels and embassies, as well as commercial and residential buildings for high-end and corporate clients.

In 2005 Christian returned to Canada to study Architectural Technology at Algonquin College and since then he has worked as a Technologist in Canada for firms like Intempo Design Studio Ltd., Tiree Facility Solutions Inc. and, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, for Promaxis Systems Inc., attaining extensive multidisciplinary technical experience in the fields of interior design, architecture, project management and engineering.

He believes that Architecture is the art of combining aesthetic with functional elements where the site, its immediate context, and the people who live in the buildings have a preponderant influence on how a building should be designed. He also believes that Architecture is an instrument to improve the living standards of a society and should serve as a means of reflection and contemplation to exalt emotions in making us become better human beings.

When Christian is not working at the office he loves to take walks or drive his bike around downtown. He also enjoys reading magazines and books about Architecture in his spare time.