Jessica Daga

Architectural Designer
Jessica attended the Institut Superior D’Architecture Intercommunale (ISAI) in Mons, Belgium where she obtained her “Bachelier in Architecture” and Masters of Architecture. Upon the completion of her Masters at ISAI, she attended University lire de Bruzelles (ULB) in Brussels, Belgium, completing another Masters degree in Urban Planning and Development. She worked at Pierre Farla in Mons, Belgium as an Intern Architect and for the Urban Planning Office during her undergrad years, and then with JMS Architecture in Wavre, Belgium as an Intern and Junior Architect after the completion of her two Masters degrees. She made the move from Belgium to Canada and joined Linebox Toronto in January 2015.

Her multidisciplinary background in Architecture and Urban Planning influences and inspires the goals she strives to achieve with all of her projects. Jessica believes that a building must be in the correct context and existing dialogue with its site. She believes in building in the context of now--contemporary present--rather than the past; to give design solutions and proposals relevance to the present time.

When Jessica is not in the office--weather permitting--you can find her wandering the streets of Toronto trying to get lost, exploring, or discovering what the city has to offer.