Josee Anne Pronovost

Josee Anne joined the Linebox Ottawa team in early 2015. She joins us from Montreal, where she graduated from UQUAM’s Bachelors of Design de l’environment and University De Montreal’s Masters in Architecture program. She is licensed with the Ordre des Architects du Quebec and also has a certificate of practice with the OAA. To her, the best designs come from the integration of relationships which not only extends to the clients, but all hands that are involved from paper to reality. She strives to meet the requirements and desires catering to the specific clients’ programs. Natural light and materiality are key elements in her designs, as they work hand in hand. Light exposes and conceals the textures of material and shapes; the two combined in turn evokes an emotional feeling and reaction.

Josee Anne enjoys going to the cottage to relax and unplug from the hectic life of the city. Cooking for friends and family is a favourite past time when she’s not outside or doing personal projects--mainly renovations.