Robert Taylor

Senior Architect
Robert graduated from the school of Architecture at Algonquin College in 1978, and then completed his Masters at the University of Manitoba in 1984. His career spans four decades, working at firms in Calgary, Toronto, and finally Ottawa. In 1998, Robert opened his own practice and has completed numerous successful commercial and institutional projects for over 20 years. Robert brings exceptional experience and a depth of knowledge to the Linebox team.

When approaching any project, Robert believes that thorough assessment of the proposed site is imperative to best achieving the clients’ goals. At the onset, specific components are analyzed in conjunction with the budget and then the design process begins from there. The last important element to successful design collaboration is to start the project off on a clean slate; often there is a predetermined idea of what the thing is going to be, which can blur, and even deter from, the final design.

In keeping with Robert’s appreciation of the Art Deco period, he collects and modifies automobiles, primarily from the late 1940’s. He also enjoys music, painting, and a good cigar.