Andrew Reeves

Associé-fondateur et architecte senior

Linebox est le bébé d'Andrew ; il a créé l'entreprise en 2007 après avoir passé plus d'une décennie à oeuvrer dans de grands cabinets d'architecture de Toronto et d'Ottawa.

Sa façon robuste d'aborder chaque projet est centrée sur le client et la collaboration avec les métiers et les artisants impliqués.

Andrew est habité d'opinions vigoureuses ; au bureau, ses déclamations (à propos de tout - de la minutie à la nécessité qu'un stade soit toujours situé au centre-ville) peuvent rivaliser les sources d'énergie traditionnelles.

M. Reeves a un don pour reconnaître les grands talents, ce qui l'a aidé à monter la super équipe de Linebox.

L'architecture est son métier mais à ses heures il joue au hockey, au golf, fait du vélo de montagne et passe du temps avec sa famille.

Andrew graduated with a Masters in Architecture from Carleton University and then worked for eight years at Brisbin Brook Beynon Architects in Ottawa and Toronto. In 2007 Andrew established Linebox Studio, his own architecture firm in Ottawa. As the practice grew, Linebox expanded to Toronto where there is an office today. As an Architect Andrew understands design as a cultural act, which engages everyday experiences and brings together individuals with their built environment.

Originally from Windsor, Ontario Andrew grew-up in a family with strong ties to the automotive industry. From a young age however Andrew discovered his passion lay outside this industry and decided to pursue what quickly became a very clear journey in his life, Architecture.  Andrew’s passion for the discipline continued to grow during his first employment at Archon Architects inc. and during his first years at St.Clair College and Lawrence Tech University.

In 1997 he moved to Ottawa to seek better opportunities and attend the School of Architecture at Carleton University. While attending Carleton, Andrew was hired as a Junior Designer at Brisbin Brook Beynon Architects. He progressed in his role at BBB to become a Senior Project Design Lead reporting to Richard Brisbin, a partner at the firm. In this role Andrew gained invaluable experience working on a wide range of large-scale projects including: The Ottawa Airport, Lansdowne Park Redevelopment, Ottawa Congress Center and The Ontario Medical Association Headquarters. Working on large-scale projects provided Andrew will great skills but left him feeling disconnected from the projects and their clients. In 2006 Andrew left BBB to open his own firm, Linebox Studio Inc. He identified a need in Ottawa for modern sustainable infills and looked to provide people and businesses with fresh, sustainable and progressive design options.

“I passionately believe that Architecture is less about style then it is about discovery.” – Andrew Reeves

In the early projects Andrew acted as both the designer and developer. To maintain cashflow in his business he accepted consulting work with the Federal Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade where he produced feasibility studies, concept design strategies and theoretical design guidelines for Canada’s Embassies and Consulates around the world.  It was during this time that Andrew completed his NCARB exams and became a fully licensed Architect (2008) allowing him the freedom to practice completely independently and according to his own design philosophies.

“I’m most interested in developing a context that responds to the scale of its surroundings by incorporating the principles of sustainability into a truly holistic design, and connecting with roots often traceable to indigenous design.  My design philosophy is grounded in a basic conviction and fundamental belief that great architecture is less about style than it is about discovery. These beliefs are what drive my relentless pursuit of finding ways to connect function, environment, context, and sustainability to form a truly unique sense of place”– Andrew Reeves

Andrew soon found that people outside of Ottawa were interested in his work. He was asked to design a large residence in Toronto and shortly after expanded his operations outside Ottawa. Linebox has found a niche in the market place for clients looking for alternatives to conventional building types. The firm is contemporary in its approach to architecture and strives to bring sustainable and fresh ideas to its clients.  Since its inception Linebox Studio has designed over 20 homes in several cities and currently employees four full-time staff in offices in Toronto and Ottawa. Linebox has been published in: Canadian Interiors, Dwell Magazine, The Ottawa Citizen, Globe & Mail and recognized as a trend setter for 2010 in Style Magazine and Linebox has also been awarded the Ottawa Construction association “house of the year under 2,500s.f.” and the “green” renovation of the year.