Jelle De Roeck

Concepteur en architecture

Jelle a fréquenté l’Université KU Leuven, en Belgique, et a étudié le génie civil en architecture. En 2012, il est devenu professeur d’atelier en conception architecturale dans cette même université et, un an plus tard, a co-fondé un cabinet d’architectes en Belgique. En 2015, Jelle et son épouse se sont installés au Canada et il a commencé à travailler chez Linebox en 2016.

Jelle attended the University of Leuven (KU Leuven) in Belgium and studied Civil Engineering in Architecture. Choosing architectural design as the option in his Masters, Jelle graduated in 2008 as a Master in Architectural Engineering. From there, he started working at Baneton Garrino Architects where he was a project architect for 5 years. The office mainly focussed, through public design competitions, on complex mixed use developments in and around Brussels.

In 2012, Jelle became a studio professor in Architectural Design at the University of Leuven where he would both mentor and evaluate student designs. He also participated in design juries and gave seminars about conceptual thinking, the creative process, and basic architecture principles. Together, with friend and colleague Janno Bormans, Jelle started his own architecture firm, BorderArchitecten, in 2013. Next to designing private housing in Belgium, the office explored different opportunities in Europe by participating in design competitions and offering consultancy services abroad. Jelle and his wife relocated to Ottawa in late 2015, and Jelle began working with the Linebox Ottawa team in early 2016.

Jelle considers himself an autodidact, and likes to learn as many skills as he can. He believes practice truly make perfect, and currently is dialled in on playing guitar, bread making, competitive video gamin, and building furniture. However, nothing clears and strengthens his head as much as a couple of hours on my road bike, flying down straight roads, gathering dust and hearing his wheels spin. He also loves to take on longer adventures with his wife such as a hike or a road trip to get back in touch with themselves and their goals in life. Jelle also has a wine blog, which started as a hobby in 2010 and quickly became a side job. Ever since, he has been an active wine writer for newspapers and magazines and has been giving wine tasting classes.