« L’entre-deux, acrylic and gold leaf mural » of Shopify Montreal

True collaboration with creatives leads to really inspiring paths that we get to explore and grow from together. To quote Picasso, « the purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls. »


par emilie

Shopify had the pleasure of having Emilie of par emilie create a beautiful mural for the new Shopify in Montreal. The mural is located in the Art Gallery « Meet and Collaboration » area of Shopify, which offers lounge seating for collaboration discussions inside the space.  Though this is Emilie’s first mural in a commercial capacity, she is only just getting started. Emilie started painting when she was only three years old and found her love of murals in 2015, during her third year of University as she was completing her Fine Arts undergrad. Emilie grew up in Ottawa, she loves the four seasons and is often active outdoors or enjoying a good movie. Her inspiration for her pieces can be gathered from her daily encounters with weather, environment and different moments.


Every piece she creates has a name and a story, even if it may take a bit of time after it’s completion. Her preferred medium is acrylic, however, she loves watercolor and has difficulty choosing between the two. She has a strong appreciation for paint mixture and unplanned color application, therefore the engagement of art making in itself can also be part of her inspiration. Whimsical, with intention.


The concept

The initial design meeting helped establish the essence of the mural and ideas grew from there. Both the architectural setting paired with Emilie’s abstract painting practice is captured within the overall aesthetic and movement of the piece. Every stroke is free, moving but the color has a harsh divide when it is met with a monochromatic color palette. What is captured is how organic art is and that it spills through the pages as it cannot be contained. A continuous flow of creativity. 


The artist will collaborate with the client to establish a style, and the architecture and building will guide that process and vision.


Color meets black.



The paint spills onto the ceiling and the conduit, it cannot be contained.  Creativity has no borders, it shows in so many different parts of who we are.


The process

Typically Emilie doesn’t work off a drawing or sketch of what she has planned. However, in this particular instance, she worked off of preliminary sketches that were presented to Shopify a few months prior.



L’entre-deux was completed after several trips to Montreal. Emilie found benefit in taking breaks in-between painting to consider alternative brush strokes, colors, and movements to add to her next visit. In total, the piece took a total of 45 hours.


We couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. We feel it captures the space perfectly. The interior of the space continues the color palette in the mural with furniture pieces and accessories.


Thank you, Emilie, for your beautiful collaboration in this space.