Linebox Culture

Over the past year, our Lineboxers have more than doubled in count. With offices now spread over three different Canadian cities, it has always been important for us to stay connected to each other in work but also in culture as we expand. Often times in our industry, we put our head down and zone into our work and put our whole hearts into it. We understand the value of this and it shows deeply in our quality of work, however, there is a time where we must step away and celebrate our team and ourselves. Work hard play hard, as the saying goes, right?

Here are some snapshots of our Toronto team and Ottawa team over their company afternoon together earlier last month.

The Ottawa Lineboxers took on Mulligans off of the well known Sparks st!

Inside Mulligans is a world of virtual reality and fun. From racing to virtual golf and tons of great snacks, the team really was able to unwind and enjoy themselves.


Reggie and Bill are testing out the golf simulation! Some of us needed a bit of practice for the upcoming season.

Flatbreads, beef tartare, pretzel bites and deep fried mac and cheese balls, it was a pretty tasty afternoon together.

Along with all of the food, Ottawa took some time together to look at current projects and discuss comments on things. Lineboxer’s who are on different projects get to come together in a casual setting and add their input as well. Everyone gets an overall sense of where everyone is on their projects and what each of us is working on.

Our Toronto Team checked into The Rec Room in the Entertainment District of Toronto Downtown to reconnect and chill out. The Rec Room is a hip, contemporary place that is 40,000 square feet of games and food for adults.

They enjoyed rather large portions for lunch and took the time together for open discussion and collaboration on ongoing projects. Two sets of eyes are better than one, right? Or in this case four 🙂


Michelle is discussing with Higro, Andrew, and Chris some ongoing project management material she has. Often open collaboration and different points of view allow us to not travel down dead ends by « figuring it out, » and lead to inspiration.

Andrew and Dan are having fun racing after lunch together. Turns out the Rec Room is a pretty cool place to unwind!


Jennifer takes on the boys for a round of air hockey! Who won do you think? Jennifer works remotely in Germany and travels to Toronto (her home base) every 6 weeks. It’s equally as important for her to connect with her team.

Until next time!