McCann Canada Partners with Linebox Studio For New Office Design

2017 was a year of great design opportunities and more importantly, a year of great partnerships for Linebox Studio. Continuing into 2018, we have the privilege of working with the newly re-branded McCann Canada in Montreal.  New branding means a new office space for the McCann Montreal team and we’re eager to see how their brand will translate into a fresh, new space.

McCann is a leading Canadian advertising agency who have worked with global powerhouse companies including Maybelline, Cadillac, MasterCard and Nespresso. Adding to their star power is the work that they’ve done on the « Hockey Night in Canada » logo.

The design work on McCann’s new office space has just begun and we’ll be working closely with them on the ideas and design of their new space. We’re very excited to see where the process leads us. Check back here for updates!