Linebox Wins An Ottawa Urban Design Award

Springfield is a collection of modern town homes in the Lindenlea neighbourhood in Ottawa. The three units share a consistent, simple, contemporary form and respect the massing, material and context of the neighbours. Parking at the back off the side street ensures an attractive front and pedestrian-friendly streetscape. Within walking distance there are restaurants, retails shops, boutiques, supermarkets, schools and parks.

Springfield makes a modern statement in the neighbourhood, the bright splashes of orange outlining some of the unique window shapes puts it in a 2015 vocabulary. Rising just above its neighbours, Springfield stands out while still respecting the street’s average height. The Springfield Towns are LEED Gold Certified.

Project Team

Andrew Reeves, Jennifer Janzen – Linebox Studio Inc.
The Lake Partnership Inc. – Builder
Modbox Developments – Project Owner/Developer

Jury Comments

MA: The strength of this project is its ability to create an intimate yet friendly and open interfacing zone that mediates the private and public domain. This soft threshold is achieved simply and seamlessly through material differentiation as opposed to the usual more forceful signals such as fences, low wall or green edges.

GW: A good example of townhouses that add vitality to a neighbourhood while understanding the elements that make up the existing fabric.

CP: This project just felt ‘right’ on approach from foot. It nestled itself into a residential street and did all the right things to promote a healthy neighbourhood life, with small gardens on the street, parking tucked away and reinforcing neighbourhood vehicular patterns without sacrificing the privacy of the occupants. The project did use too many materials in the building execution, while this was distracting to me it did not hurt its merits. The project is a very good example of modest intensification. It has succeeded bringing contemporary architecture into a traditional street in a very complimentary not contrasting way.

GS:  This infill project brings a finely tuned sensitivity to its surrounding context, combined with thoughtfully crafted design moves. Careful attention paid to features such as front gardens, well-defined public/private transition and discrete parking all contribute to an engaging modern addition into a mature neighbourhood.