Linebox Retreat – Opinicon 2018

Every year we bring all staff from all cities together at the Opinicon to hangout together and share ideas. Other than our staff Christmas party, this is the only time when staff from Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal get to come together and it is something we all look forward to.

We always plan to have it on a Thursday and Friday in August to lead into the weekend, and doesn’t take away from personal family time (a Linebox value). The Thursday consists of fun and more easy going activities. We have a picnic lunch together and then just chill, play lawn games and listen to music.

And drinks follow soon after… (Bartender Biron) gin and tonic anyone?


At this year’s retreat, we were able to indulge in the Opinicon’s newest feature, it’s gorgeous swimming pool.  The newly finished in ground salt water pool oversees Murphy Bay and appears to melt into it.  Linebox designed the pool and our staff had fun telling everyone the exact diameter of the hot tub, slope of the hill beyond the pool and details about the massive rock landscaped retaining wall behind the pool. Those who preferred some physical activity, headed out on Kayaks/Canoes and SUP.

The hot tub was a hot spot for the crew as well. The stone wall behind the hot tub allowed people to towel off or participate without taking a dip.

Working up an appetite, we then headed to dinner at the Alford room. The Alford room is the event space at the Opinicon and is located upstairs in the main lodge. Once dinner was finished, Andrew presented a timeline of Linebox that introduced each project and Lineboxer that joined the company in the past 11 years. It has been quite the journey as this year alone we have added 12 new Lineboxers plus expanded to a new city- Montreal!

It’s incredible to see everyone sitting at the table and seeing how much we have grown. After the presentation, the festivities continued at Ponderosa cabin along with some musical piano skills by Chris of our Toronto office.

The Ponderosa cabin is a great communal space that contained all of us quite comfortably. Everyone got to chat with teammates that they don’t typically get a chance to see or hangout with.

We all dispersed to our cabins after calling it a night and losing our karaoke voices.

Friday morning consisted of a buffet breakfast before we all gathered to work on crits back at the Alford room. Working crits are open collaborations and conversations to get inspired and make sure each project is on track. They are incredibly successful in generating ideas and getting things moving in the right direction. It’s the perfect time to get a fresh perspective from people who are not directly involved in a particular project. There is always room for new inspiration and ideas.

After 4 hrs of crits and conversations along with lunch, the crew headed back home with a renewed sense of what Linebox is all about. Thank you again, Opinicon! We can’t wait to see you next year.