Opinicon Retreat

We had our annual Linebox team meet-up at the Opinicon in August. Our entire Toronto and Ottawa teams arrived on a Thursday around lunch time, and while some of our team had been working on the Opinicon and visited the grounds every week since the Spring, others had never been.

It was fun and exciting for everyone to get out of their office routines and into a circle of bright red Muskoka chairs.



Our one-night company event wasn’t as programmed as perhaps some other corporate retreats might be. It started out with some interesting cottage games: horseshoes, badminton and “hillbilly golf”. Everyone loosened-up a little, especially our newer Lineboxers, and soon began to talk, laugh and have a good time. Inevitably the conversations circled back around to matters of work but, by then, it was time for a later dinner.

We actually only really started to talk about Linebox after dinner. After heading back to the largest of the cabins, Ponderosa, which had a big living room and bar/kitchenette, Andrew led us through a presentation he had prepared which looked back on Linebox’s history since its inception in 2007.

Marc-Andre, one of our Sr.Technologists, had seen a few versions of this presentation, but commented that “every time I hear this presentation, I learn new things about Linebox”. Things like:

  • Linebox started out as Andrew working in the mudroom of his home in Toronto and “commuting” to Ottawa for work
  • As a result of suspect builders as partners, Linebox’s first project was a financial flop
  • Certain key relationships with craftspeople and artists in the early days carried through to many of his projects to this day
  • Any success comes as the result of recognizing opportunity, not being afraid of it, and then making things happen

We topped off the evening with a hilarious game of Back in the Bowl — a charades type game.

The next day involved a fishing trip in the morning, followed by a lengthy design session and project review in the afternoon. One of our newest Lineboxers, Jelle (pronounced Ye-lleh) noted that “creativity doesn’t happen between 9 and 5”. He’s right, it happens between rounds of hillbilly golf, tree-climbing, and sitting in bright red Muskoka chairs.

Until next year Opinicon!