Oresta : A Modern Building in the Glebe

I discovered this beautiful modern building in the Glebe neighborhood and I just had to share it with other modern architecture lovers! After doing a little bit of research, I found out that the building is part commercial and part residential. The store is called Oresta. It’s an organic skin care confectionery offering natural beauty and personal care products, as well as chemical-free and earth-friendly treatments. Oresta Korbutiak is the owner of the store and also lives in this building with her family.

It wasn’t very impressive and looked tired. But now, it’s definitely an eye catcher and the art engraved on the concrete and above the main window, give it personality. I love the contrast of the wood and the concrete.

What’s really neat too is the art that’s been carved in the concrete. The art was created by Christopher Griffin, Oresta’s husband, who’s an artist. It took him about four months to do. According to his site, he’s inspired by ancient artwork on cave walls, children’s art and random markings on concrete sidewalks, roads and buildings. He also often [uses] bird, fish and animal motifs in [his] work because they represent the pure, the innocent and the spiritual.

The main entrance of the residential area is also stunning with the ceiling made out of wood and the cave like carving on the wall, the little planter and bench which make it very inviting.

I absolutely love the fence and the balcony on the side of the building and the large beluga carving. There a very nice attention to details in this building and around it. Look at the walkway leading to the yard with the sunshine carving on the concrete sidewalk and the little stone wall. Beautiful!