We believe that the client is at the centre of any design-build process and that collaboration and transparency are key to a project’s success.

Residential Process

Linebox has been in design-build for nearly a decade. We understand that undertaking any residential project is not only very personal, but also something that individuals have little, if any experience doing. We will partner with clients and help guide them through the design-build process providing not only exceptional design, but also advice and support throughout the entire process.

Design Approach

Our approach to design is about exploring the character of a space and the people that will inhabit it. We do not design objects for ourselves, but rather listen, experience, and celebrate our client’s own personalities. Once we understand our clients well, we contribute new ideas and concepts that we feel would reflect and celebrate the clients’ personalities, needs, and wishes for their space.

Our studio will also design the entire home, inside and out. Many architecture firms only provide the overall design and construction drawings for a home and charge more for any additional work. Linebox will develop the entire design and all its required drawings for a single fixed fee. This work includes: exterior, interior, lighting, shop drawings, millwork, and landscaping. The fee for all this is agreed upon at the project’s outset.

Support & Collaboration

In most cases an individual or couple that undertake the process to design-build their home is doing so for the first time. Recognizing that this is a new process to many of our clients, we are committed to providing support and advice from the very beginning until the home is entirely complete.

As clients become more knowledgeable and involved in the process, new ideas are formed which we gladly incorporate into the design. At Linebox we embrace and plan for changes to the design along the way.

Over time we have also built strong relationships with local builders, trades, craftspeople and City officials. We pass along the benefits of these relationships to our clients ensuring they receive the best possible products and service.


We believe in transparency and simplicity. Linebox will provide the client with a thorough proposal including a single fee for for all architectural work. This includes drawings and design for the exterior, interior, lighting, millwork, and landscaping.

Commercial Process

Linebox Studio is experienced in the commercial design process. Our consolidated approach to projects takes into account business objectives, budgets, timelines and also the client’s character.

It is our view that great design leads not only to inspiring spaces but also to better productivity and more successful businesses.