The Story

“Infill housing has existed as long as we have lived in cities, slowly integrating itself into the urban fabric.  Filling-in the gaps can breathe life and encourage a more social community, promote a more compact lifestyle, decrease the demands on city infrastructure and motorized transport and inject life into a neighbourhood”.  – Andrew Reeves

The client, a small, modern, Toronto-based residential developer, challenged us to use design as a means to maximize the efficiency and affordability of the project while providing a progressive and technically strong home that superseded building codes and local construction standards. We were able to successfully re-evaluate all construction costs including labour, building size/square footage, and materials to deliver a home that met the developer’s stringent cost restraints and design demands.  Built on an existing foundation left over from the demolished home, we designed the home to be sensitive to the scale of the neighbouring war-time homes.  Located at 11 Barfield Ave., this design itself promotes modern living through large, open, and simple geometric spaces.  An interior garden and a large operable skylight brings light into the core of the home.

Architect – Linebox Studio inc
Construction – Upside Developments
Photography - Arnal Photography