The Story

When Marie Eve and Chris first approached Andrew about their project, they had already purchased the lot a few years prior. They knew they wanted to be close to the water and a close commute for work, which on a good day is only over 10 minutes. Soon after they purchased it, they went to work on removing the poison ivy that takes a few years to get rid of. Then Linebox came in. They needed someone who understood their vision and was willing to work with them to get there.

Marie Eve and Chris met in University and share many of the same hobbies such as their love of Japanese culture, Star Trek and mostly, exploring the outdoors but this was their first home they built together. Building a new home is an adventure on its own but one thing they had agreed on, was that they loved modern. This is their home away from home and the need to relax and get away was just what they had been after. Their list of design requirements was to have essentially one storey and minimal upkeep on the exterior finishes. Andrew came up with two designs, and this was the one that they had fallen for.

The design features steel posts which hold the home up and allowed the home footprint to grow 15 feet. A one storey home that was built on the second storey. The exterior cedar is all sourced from a local supplier in Maniwaki and is rough cut which allows it to grey more evenly with age. The other material is stacked brick which also does not need to be maintained with some metal wing details that will develop a soft patina.

The home gets east and west exposure, and very rarely is it ever necessary to have the lights on, as they are too busy outside hosting their friends and family and admiring the panoramic breathtaking views. Chris had the idea of a “light well” in the home which would allow light to travel down, too. The light well is tempered glass placed in the floor on the second level. Though it took their dogs a bit of time to get used to walking on, it has become such a cool design feature and very efficient as well. Along with the light well, there are 3 skylights that capture plenty of natural lighting.

Their “basement” is on the first floor which has a beautiful custom design for their canoe storage. This space is seen directly under the home and often houses other wildlife, such as baby birds.

Upon entering the home, the first level also has a powder room/ dog bath station, along with Chris’ workshop and lifejackets and other supplies that are used.

Photography -- Metropolis Studio and Ashley Fraser