The Story

The conceptual foundation for the design of Echo Drive was the desire for the house to become an anchor in the community. It was important for the design to be flexible, capable of making a seamless transition from a private space to to a public one. By introducing large operable windows, the main living space can easily open up to the neighbourhood, encouraging passersby to pause for a visit. A large open kitchen and bright living space result in a main floor that can that can adapt for both entertaining and day-to-day activities.

While consciously playing a role in the community, it was also important to consider the character of the house in the context of the neighbourhood and the city. Visible from the Rideau Canal, Echo can be seen from a variety of unobstructed vantage points along the popular tourist attraction. This consideration combined with the openness of the site with neighbours exclusively on one side, presented an opportunity for Echo to truly act as a beacon amongst the Ottawa cityscape.

Photography -- Metropolis Studio and Justin Van Leeuwan