The Story

Wedged between ever-encroaching downtown condo developments to the west and the Regent park redevelopment to the east, this infill site was ready for revival.  The clients, looking for a new home for their men’s fashion store, were attracted by this mixture of edgy and refined as it offered both the ambiance and potential growth in property value that they desired.

In terms of the retail space, the clients wanted a store unlike any other – a comfortable setting where customers feel more like a friend seeking fashion advice rather than consumers looking for the best deal.  With this in mind, the design revolved around customer/retailer interactions.  A lounge-like setting, the interiors are both sophisticated and funky.  The design includes a raw-edge beverage bar, pod-like display cases and features coloured/collaged windows facing the street.  The playful manipulation of light and shadow creates an intimate environment by allowing views into the store while also screening customers.

Above the clothing store sits a new 2-storey 2-bed/2-bath apartment – a true oasis in the city.  With an open-concept design, south-facing roof deck, integrated herb garden and ample daylight, the space exemplifies the key qualities desired in a modern urban retreat.