The Story

Zoning bylaws play a huge role in shaping the popular typologies of homes, and those governing Holmes Ave are no exception.  Recent changes to height, length, and massing bylaws, combined with increased demand for large and luxurious 4-5 bedroom homes, have created a formulaic, semi-suburban aesthetic.  The street is littered with these new homes--nearly all featuring mansard roofs, the same faux stone cladding, and front doors 6' above grade.  

The client’s desire was to create something rare and modern; therefore, the design focused on creative bylaw implementation, allowing for the incorporation of modern massing and detailing while providing the same square footage and amenities as its neighbours.  The result is a refreshing modern adaptation with an asymmetrical wrapping roof, frame-like projection over the garage, and a multi-level interior plan.

Re-examining the divide between formal and informal, varying floor levels, and ceiling heights help differentiate between functions while allowing the openness desired in a modern home.  The kitchen and family room occupy the entire rear of the main floor as the centre for daily interactions.  The formal living and dining areas sit on their own level, elevated, but within view of the informal rooms at the rear, and easily accessible to guests.  On the top floor, the sloped roof adds both drama and intimacy to the bedrooms.  The clean lines and tastefully selected materials throughout enhance each space rendering them both cool and elegant.

This 'Home on Holmes' illustrates that you really can have it all in the city--the traditional suburban notions of lifestyle and luxury in an urban modern package.