The Story

Within the heart of Montreal, QC we designed the office space for McCann Canada. 

The suite is located inside the Centre de commerce mondial Montréal, a complex spanning an entire city block that consists of several restored historic buildings under a magnificent glass roof”. This unique setting brings forward the grounding vibe of the project. When you step inside the spectacular atrium, you cannot help but being in awe. And it only gets better for McCann’s spaces because of it’s 10th floor location which offers a unique view of Old Montréal complete with a direct view of Habitat ‘67. The space also receives an enormous amount of natural light which is a benefit that no longer needs defining. A rooftop terrasse completes the list of fantastic features that this office offers. Having this setting as the base certainly makes for a vibrant and exciting work environment.

Enter McCann, the world leading ad agency network responsible for some of the “best known and most iconic advertising campaigns of the last century”. The goal was to create a fresh new home for the Montréal branch, a place where they can find the energy and inspiration to provide their creative and strategic services to brands around the world.

Working with the characteristics of the space, the design intention was to create spaces that would offer a new home, a variety of working environments, spaces for staff to get away as well as spaces to meet and host their clients.

As you exit the elevator, you are greeted by the stunning view of the glass roof behind the reception desk. A waiting area invites guests to take a moment to appreciate the space. At the heart of the office is the Lounge; drenched in sunlight this area is a space where all staff can come together for meals, team meetings and host events. This is also where the rooftop terrace can be accessed this will surely be witness to a few 5à7 come summer time!

The main boardroom offers both traditional chair seating as well as overflow seating for those extra large groups and has plenty of room for posting and writable wall surface as well as a full AV setup for meeting and presentation needs. Other meeting rooms offer both formal and casual settings; this allows for a variety of meeting types from client focused to internal team focus groups.On each side of the office are two large open spaces filled with long work tables, each offering a view to the outside and each bordered with end screens that offer pinnable and writable surfaces; perfect for setting up presentation documents in progress or for brainstorming through ideas. These long monolithic tables were a response to the agency’s need for a flexible arrangement where the group as a whole can grow and scale down depending on the demands of workflow. Complete with integrated power and data, these can adapt to the various needs of team configurations. With that in mind, there are also touchdown stations that can be used as discussion tables or as additional workstations.

There is a lot of production that happens in this office and so in addition to the typical workstations was the need for a video and sound production suite complete with a recording booth, a sound and video editing room and a video viewing room. Additionally, one of the touchdown stations can be converted into a photo set-up which completes the production services.

The budget and timeline were definitely a factor of the story of this space. Working closely with the builders and crafts people, we were able to find alternative solutions to make the space all that it could be considering those very real challenges. It allowed us to make great connections with local makers who contributed to bringing an additional layer of Montréal flavour.

Our overall design was intended to be a quiet palette so as to let the surrounding views, the original materials and the pulse of City play a role in the office environment. There are a few surprises within the space where phone rooms, brainstorm areas and a meditation space are fun surprises tucked away behind doors, a screen or around a corner. These participate in creating a variety of spaces that allow for creativity to flow and people to be energized by the space.

Photographer: Claude-Simon Langlois

Contractor: Marfoglia Construction

De Gaspé, Montréal, QC created the boardroom table