The Story

"With the high demand for lofts… and the lack of available buildings suitable for authentic industrial style loft conversion, we now have new 'hard' lofts. Loft developers say the five main features that define a loft are the high ceilings, open spaces, exposed building materials, big windows, and urban location. Developers are now replicating these main features; new hard lofts will duplicate the authentic details of a hard loft with the additional improvement of being more energy efficient.  In New York, San Francisco, Toronto, and dozens of other cities around the world, lofts have become widely popular residences, acting as the catalyst for the revival of urban areas, and creating high-energy cultural and artistic communities.”
We are bringing this authentic loft concept to a six loft unit development in the newly revitalized Mechanicsville Area. These hard lofts are a pioneering urban renewal and redevelopment project, with the lofts at 1200 square feet and ceiling heights of 11 feet. All residences have traditional loft characteristics, including radiantly heated, polished, concrete floors, exposed ducts, concrete columns, exposed barnwood concrete cast walls, and open floor plans with floor to ceiling windows having full views of Laroche park and Parliament Hill.