The Story

We believe that Mont Ste Marie is characterized by the disarming architectural qualities of a little mountain cabin or a rather funky shaped ski lift, helping people explore or challenge the beauty of the surrounding nature and providing shelter when necessary. Free of any artificial theming or cultural identity, these buildings are the simple result of forms follows function.

We want the new hotel to follow the same architectural principles and serve as a precedent for more buildings and infrastructure to come, amplifying the true character of the village as an active getaway within nature where the infrastructure is there to help you make the most of it.

The site of the new hotel is located right next to the main lodge as you enter Mont Ste Marie, and the positioning of the new building on the site serves a couple of purposes.

First of all, it acts as a point of reference at the centre of the village. Easily recognizable when you explore the different activities at Mont Ste Marie, it marks the node where ski hill, main lodge and public parking come together. Its triangular base provides a one story facade to the bottom of the ski slope and the main road Chemin de la Montagne, housing a retail, maintenance and rental store for seasonal sports gear.

Secondly, the curved main volume opens up views towards the ski slope, the main lodge and the lake further down. At the same time, the inner curve marks the entrance of the hotel, and guides traffic uphill towards Chemin du Radar where new lots are being developed.

Last but not least, we wanted to respect the views from the patio of the main lodge towards the ski slope and the surrounding hills. By folding back the front elevation of the hotel, we follow the lines of the landscape and are able to create a building that becomes a hill on its own, integrating in the existing landscape.

The 60 room hotel is a dynamic six story building, whose metal roof wraps itself around the top four levels where the suites are located. Towards the ski slope, the roof opens up as a big canopy over the outdoor patio on the second floor, which connects inside to the lounge, restaurant, bar, lobby and spa facilities. A horizontal datum line marks the top of the concrete base which nestles itself in the hill, housing a retail store and all pedestrian and parking entrances.