The Story

At the start of the design of this ski-in chalet at Mont St-Marie, our client came with a very interesting request : to build a contemporary treehouse. In other words, a chalet with a back to basics feel yet upgraded to a point where it is comfortable and performant during the cold winter months.

To keep the footprint of the treehouse small, a typical modern design approach got applied. Secondary functions like bedrooms and bathrooms got compressed to the absolute minimum. Apart from the master bedroom, the other 2 bedrooms and 3 guest rooms in this chalet do not exceed 60sqft each. As a result of this disciplined approach, the main family room is one big open space with various heights, views to the ski slope and the valley below and windows that capture rays of sun at all times of the day. Precisely engineered wooden structural elements are exposed to bring back the contemporary treehouse feel. Where the family gathers, eats and entertains, there is an abundance of views, space and architecture.

To contrast with the bright open treehouse, a four season zen room is added as a more introverted space. Facing West and using darker grounding materials and low furniture, this space is the ideal spot for a quiet moment to read a book, enjoy a hot cup of tea or just watch the sun set...not even mentioning the outdoor fire pit right next to it.