The Story

This project is structured around four thematic elements: flock, cocoon, life, and community.


Connection to the city and the location to enhance lifestyles and allow occupiers to make the most of their experience. Inhabitants are freed from the monotony of time-consuming everyday tasks to maximize their use and exploration of the location. Freedom to move from city to city as your lifestyle dictates; when the flock moves, their lifestyle moves right along with them...


Servicing of everyday tasks allows the stripping back of unnecessary and uninteresting spaces within the home to maximize the quality of living space. A degree of flexibility within the spaces. Individuality expressed through building and each unit. The flock may not have many personal belongings; the spaces will need to enhance and express culture, personality, art and well-being. Robust and quality spaces to live up to potential short term occupation; whilst retaining quality. Architecturally and socially engaging environment.


Fully serviced: laundry, cleaning, cooking ... On-site services for daycare, food prep and coffee. The servicing and element provides an extra layer of activity and habitation of the spaces. Focus on the home and servicing the smart connected environment.


Community - A sense of connectivity to the neighbourhood and other units within the building to engage with your surroundings at your choice. Shared spaces with the neighbourhood to increase connectivity and viability (food prep. for residents in their home and within a cafe space?). Not a checklist of condo life conveniences of gym, pool, cinema, etc - often poor versions of better spaces found within the city.