The Story

A collection of modern townhomes in the Lindenlea neighbourhood of Ottawa. The three units respect the massing, material context, and form of the neighbouring homes and manage to introduce modern architecture elegantly. They share a consistent, simple form and are connected on the exterior by common materials including brick, stucco, cedar, and metal. The deliberate use of this combination of materials creates a sense of warmth and welcome against a contemporary backdrop.

"The three units respect the massing, material context, and form of the neighbouring homes..."

The exterior is punctuated by slotted windows of varying sizes and placement. These windows allow for abundant light to penetrate inside each unit while also providing maximum privacy from the busy street below. Glass stairwells span five floors and allow light and air to flow up and down the homes’ core. The main living areas are voluminous and open with 12ft ceiling heights. The hardwood and polished concrete floors are warmed with a radiant heat which is not only comfortable, but also very efficient.

The units each have a two-car heated garage which are accessed by a laneway at the back of the townhomes. Although there is no yard, each unit has a rooftop patio with views onto Parliament. The patios are large enough for entertaining and are serviced by a small kitchenette on the top floor of the home.

Springfield Towns are LEED Gold certified. They also achieved the Award of Merit: Urban Infill Low Rise in the 2015 Ottawa Urban Design Awards.

Photography: Andrew Geddes, Union Eleven
Project Management & Construction: The Lake Partnership