The Story

This cottage is located on the upper part of the newly developed hill at Mont-Sainte-Marie, and is overlooking towards the West, the beautiful lake and village of Sainte-Marie. Based on the traditional A-frame principle, the cottage is composed of triangular shaped volumes with an internally exposed wooden structure.


Parallel to the slope of the hill, a front facing volume containing the bedrooms, guest bedrooms and master bedroom, is floating over the steep terrain and looking down towards the bottom of the ski hill, the lodge and the lake further down the valley.


Perpendicular to the slope, rotated along an East-West axis to witness nature's beauty as the sun rises and sets, is a second volume partially embedded in the hill, containing one big open family room on the upper floor and a spa, wine cellar and ample storage on the lower floor.


Connecting both structures is another triangle, flipped on its side in which you enter the cottage.

Towards the ski hill, a big glazed section invites you in, having access to a large mudroom and the right gear for every activity. This space also connects to a stair going down towards the covered outdoor area underneath the front volume, in case you need to take the car, skidoo or canoe down to the lake.

    Because of the complex site and the relative positioning of the different volumes, this project is full of surprises, views, glimpses of nature and rays of sunlight passing through a number of really interesting spaces.