Workspace Design that Works

Creating sustainable spaces employees love

OTTAWA’S DATA ANALYTICS trailblazer Klipfolio, a firm that’s grown almost 300 percent in the last three years, is about to move into its bold new offices at the World Exchange Plaza.

Keeping the creative needs of its workforce top of mind, the interior was designed specifically for its teams to solve problems and innovate new ways to work every day. For almost a decade, Klipfolio has been at 176 Gloucester Street, where they currently lease the entire second floor, two separate offices on the third, and another on the fourth.

“I’m proud of the growth we’ve experienced at our current office,” says Klipfolio’s President and CEO Allan Wille, “but we’re ready for something new.”

Their new space, designed by Linebox Studio, was made to foster creativity. It will include many collaborative meeting rooms, several private phone rooms, a larger kitchen (where impromptu conversation can still lead to innovative ideas), and more screen walls displaying Klipfolio’s own dashboard product tracking their business. With 30-foot ceilings, mezzanine catwalks, and showers for cyclists and joggers, the new headquarters will cater to Klipfolio’s employees and recruits.

“There’s a business case for it,” says Andrew Reeves, owner and senior architect of Linebox. “Sometimes it’s misinterpreted as money just being thrown around. But finding talent and bringing them is part of the strategy. We spend more time in the office than we do at home, so why not make it comfortable and enjoyable?”

Reeves and his team of interior designers, architects, and code consultants get to know the building in question—every light fixture, table, and acoustic panel— while they also get to know the client’s history and values. They make sure the custom design becomes “their space, and not anyone else’s,” says Reeves. The former Landmark 7 Cinemas at the World Exchange Plaza will soon be Klipfolio 2.0, with its open concept reflecting a horizontal hierarchy and a pledge to be good corporate citizens. Getting all of the employees on the same floor will be the cherry on top of a new space that reflects Klipfolio’s humble culture, love of collaboration, and love your- workspace ethic.

Ottawa renovators and builders agree that good design is inherently green, and the concepts are intertwined as far as OakWood Designers & Builders is concerned. For more than 60 years, OakWood has brought to life sustainable and smart designs for residential and commercial clients across the region.

In 2016, the company launched its innovative, LEED Platinum-certified Design Centre in Orleans which features electricity from solar panels, top-of-the-line insulation technology, and a dozen geothermal wells for heating and cooling. Commercial clients see a playground of products in action and can examine innovative technologies in a real-life environment to design their own green buildings. They can also see how an office’s design helps a company differentiate itself from others.

“Making an investment in these types of technologies and systems enables an owner to differentiate their building and offer a more attractive, healthier workspace that will be very appealing to top talent,” says President and CEO John Liptak.

OakWood’s imaginative display of a smart building is a prime example of how the walls around a company can nurture a company’s culture. Its employees can convey the worth of their work from right inside their state-of-the-art HQ, where they can share how green design motivates them every day.