Introducing Linebox Studio

In many ways, Andrew Reeves is still the same boy he was growing up in Windsor, ONT., creating buildings out of Lego blocks and Lincoln Logs. « Every kid has a toy they love, and I was obsessed with building blocks, » says the founder and senior architect of Ottawa-based architectural design firm Linebox Studio. « I still am. I love to make and create things. »

The studio’s project may have grown in scale and complexity over the years, but Reeves and his team still bring the same enthusiasm and sense of wonder to every new job, whether it’s a creatively designed new workspace for a tech or venture capital firm.

Linebox launched in 2007 with a handful of desks in the storeroom of a Toronto architect’s firm, and has since grown to 32 architects, and support staff, with offices in Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal.

The firm has gone on toe design close to one million square feet of commercial office space for clients likes Montreal tech giants Element AI and GSoft, as well as six offices for e-commerce platform Shopify. Beyond innovative workspaces, Linebox has also done a redesign of The Opinicon, a historic Ontario resort, and several Capital Region restaurants, like Fauna and Riveria.

Thriving on their collaboration with clients, craftspeople and makers, the studio’s work has earned accolades and recognition. Canada’s architecture and design bible, Azure, has identified them as a star in interior office designs. Reeves explains that each project reflects the unique character, culture and stories of its users. « All of our projects are grounded in the fundamental belief that space must respond to its unique context and the people that inhabit it, » he says. « That’s much more interesting [as a starting point]. I want stories; I want to know why you’re different from everybody else. »

The building blocks of success can vary from company to company, but it’s this relentless focus on contextual design and architectural storytelling that has helped distinguish Linebox from its peers. To learn more about Linebox Studio’s work and how they can help your company create a well-designed, inspiring workspace, go to