This All-New Ice Cream Shop In Ottawa Serves Up Crazy Sundaes

What says summer more than a delicious scoop of ice cream? Ottawa is home to so many different places to get ice cream. Whether you love macarons or unicorns, there is seriously something for everyone in our city. This spot in Ottawa has got your back if you’re a sucker for ice cream sundaes. From all of their crazy toppings to the drizzles of syrup, sundaes are a summer must.

The cute ice cream shop that sells these crazy sundaes opened up last summer but decided to move locations. The ice cream shop was closed for a while because they were moving into a new space and now they have officially opened up! We are so excited to take over their new location and enjoy all of the ice cream that they serve up. The menu at this new ice cream shop in Ottawa is sure to bring you back to your childhood.

Sundae School has finally opened up at their new location and we are so excited. The shops theme is meant to take you back to the days when you were in elementary school. From school-like desks and chairs there’s no doubt that you will be feeling like a kid again. Remember those days in school when the teachers would plan out an ice cream sundae treat day? Yep, you’ll 100% feel like that again.

The sundaes come with scoops of ice cream topped with generous amounts of sweet or salty treats. All of their sundaes are made with love and care. The sweet and tasty sundae’s are sure to put a massive smile on your face. Some of their crazy flavours include:

  • Class Pet: Chocolate ice cream, hot fudge, salted caramel, turtles
  • Recess Pieces: Vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, PB sauce, PB candies
  • Pep Rally: Mint ice cream, hot fudge, After Eight
  • Class Clown: Nerds ice cream, candy, cone “hat”
  • Snow Day: Coconut ice cream, hot fudge, shredded coconuts
  • Pop Quiz: Vanilla ice cream, salted caramel, popcorn, Skor

Now if those names don’t make you reminisce on elementary school memories, I don’t know what will. Not to mention the fact that they sell nerds flavoured ice cream! This spot has to be on your summer ice cream bucket list. Sundae School is located at 131B Beechwood Avenue. Be sure to visit it this simmer for an incredible ice cream sundae. For more information about Sundae School, visit their website here.

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