The Story

Shopify’s new offices at 620 King St. West in Toronto signify an exciting period for our partnership with them as we continue to redefine the modern workspace.

This build is structured around the idea of ‘Built By Us’. This idea expresses the need for the space to be an empty canvas which acts as the backdrop for interactions between Shopify employees and collaborators. And of course, we’re representing Toronto through local partnerships with artists and makers through an infusion of Toronto within the build itself.

For this project, we’re taking the lessons we’ve learned from our past Shopify builds and building upon them to create something great. As always, we’ve designed flexible areas and spaces suited for introverts and extroverts.

We’re also heavily exploring materiality throughout each floor. Concrete, fabric, wood, bricks, even air are being looked at in the architectural context. Through these explorations, ideas of textured spaces, both for solo work and team collaborations, are born.

Photography: Remi Theriault / Alexandra Barlow