Lay it all on the Linebox.

1. Never Boring

There will always be challenges along the way. Embrace them. Change is the only way to avoid getting stale.

It Will Because It Must

We get things done the right way. In our minds, there’s no other option.


Being nimble has incredible advantages. Changing direction quickly can sometimes mean scrapping all the work we’ve done. But knowing that in doing so, the outcome will be infinitely better.

Sink Or Swim

Things may seem impossible, but they never are. Challenge is where we thrive. We’ll come together to find a way to make things work.

2. Absolute Confidence

Our team has the tenacity and innate ability to deliver the best projects. No matter what. We’ll push bold ideas, try new things and make something truly special.

Look For Good

We’re nice people. And we don’t want to work with jerks. That’s our simplest rule and – tbh – the one that makes us happiest.

Voracious Learners

Staying passionate about what we do comes from staying curious. Exploring new ways to use materials. Meeting new people. Matching unique needs with unique approaches. It all keeps us fresh and on our game.

Figure It Out

We find the solution even when it may seem unachievable. We are master problem solvers!

3. We’re Makers

As architects and designers, we work in concert with a host of other collaborators. Our respect for the expertise of the individual whose contribution is essential to making something truly amazing is absolutely immense.

Keep It Real

All the best things are grounded in reality. They come from real materials, real relationships, real crafts-people and real stories. That logic is for keeps.

Push. Probe. Explore.

Don’t settle, ever. Drive bold ideas, try new things and make something special.

Could Look Good, or Horrible, We’ll Have to Try It

Don’t fear failure! Take a risk, test it out, see what you can learn and what can be better. Imagining possibilities - and not trying them is the scariest thing we can think of.

Why a donkey?

Well, it’s kind of an inside thing. We’ll have to tell you when you’re inside, too.