We’ve been successful. Scratch that. We’ve been incredibly successful. If you asked us how, we’d say – confidence. It’s all confidence. Just don’t confuse it with arrogance, because we’ve earned it.

Confidence is a two-part formula

The first part is getting all the pieces in place. We work with buildings, so let’s call it the foundation. We consider every detail. Call it an internalized checklist.

Is it as sustainable as it can be? Is it going to meet present needs and the future needs? Will it suit the people who will use it? Does it sit in harmony with its surroundings and make its own statement?

Our team of imaginative, incredibly smart, driven people, all possess a wildly collaborative spirit. That means the clients we choose to work for are people we work with.

When you’ve decided to engage with work this way, it means you believe in the clients just as much as you believe in yourselves.

We know what you’re thinking, but a wise friend once said, “It’s not cheesy if you believe it.” Our clients are individuals. They have dreams and ideas. It's our job to harness them.

The second part is simple

We’re positive people – we’ve done the work to make everything happen just right, the rest is trust. Trust in ourselves. Trust in the process.