Bench Sci

BenchSci is a company on a mission to increase the speed and quality of life-saving research using biomedical artificial intelligence. This innovative Tech company is headquartered in Toronto and began its new office design pre-pandemic.

The design brief outlines a plan for a minimalistic office inspired by Scandinavian design, including plenty of greenery and employee wellbeing at its core.

The custom reception desk blends into the concrete floor tiles. The layering of wood, soft furniture, light fixtures and hanging greenery gives it a welcoming curb appeal.

Custom and curated murals bring out BenchSci's true character. From science to local sports themes, everyone can find something to spice up their office life. The murals are a way of keeping the eye engaged without overwhelming the space.

Designed To Inspire

Designed To Inspire

At every corner, there are elements to stimulate the mind and senses. The use of colour, texture, greenery, light and materials surprise and delights.

Tech Ready

Tech Ready

Every meeting room and collab space has all the tech specs needed to be productive in a virtual world: gear, power, acoustics, light.

Design Insight: Eureka!

"Science" was brought into the design in unexpected and subtle ways: plant pots and vases resembling beakers, measuring cylinders, Erlenmeyer flasks, and Petri dishes. Photo galleries of relevant scientists and murals with abstract interpretations of binary code appear throughout.

Scandinavian inspired: bright, light and airy lounge space that take advantage of the view that this 11th floor offers.

A place to gather. BenchSci functions as a team to bridge the gap of technology & humanity, to better the health of the world. The gathering space acts as an important component of the team's functionality.

Project Fun Facts

Length in feet of one of the murals
Number of desks
Real trees in the office
Rows of planters & greenery
A moss wall adds drama to a reading nook while improving the acoustics of the space.
"We have an innovative new office space in Toronto for team members to use as much or as little as they like. We’ve named this space the “BenchSci Commons,” alluding to the “commons” of political economics—the cultural and natural resources we all share."


Project Manager: Linebox Studio

Builder: Malibu Inc.

Millworker: Ell-Rod Holding Inc.

Photographer: Arnal Photography

Work pod and breakout room - science is ever present.