At the very beginning, Candid was obviously going to be special. Even preliminary sketches were very promising. Its New Edinburgh neighbourhood dictates proportions and it settles into them quietly.

Its red-brick melds in well with the surroundings, too. And while it fits in seamlessly, it stands solidly as an individual – a distinct personality.

A series of fun, brightly coloured vertical windows bring colour into the home.

Design Insight

Candid is defined by an open layout. Only one element, a central staircase, divides the space within. Two walls flank the stairs that link all three floors. A series of colourful openings punctuate the walls with friendly light.

A myriad of places to play peek-a-boo.

Project Facts

4 Colours used in the vertical windows
Steps in the central stairway. It's more common to have only 14
Coloured openings within walls of the central stair
One of the first car charging stations installed in Ottawa

Coloured Snapshots

The windows on the front facade give the feeling of a candid photograph. Passersby see snapshots of life, glimpses of energy, and movement through the glowing tint of the panes of glass.

Keeping It Fun

Keeping It Fun

This custom wood slide is an energy burner for this family's three young sons and a perfect track for toy cars. 

Design Insight

The rear laneway was never used. We repurposed it as access to the new garage.

Moving the garage to the back of the home creates more space for the garden in the front and obscures it from view.


Contractor: The Lake Partnership

Millwork: Woodturner

Concrete Countertop: Bill Riseborough

Engineer: Kollard and Associates

Photographer: Union Eleven