Carleton University

This Innovation Space is meant to bring together high-tech industry leaders with the new generation of Carleton students and faculty to foster their entrepreneurial mindset. Creating creative collisions between them and the 540 companies present in the Kanata North tech park will allow for a springboard to expand research and educational partnerships.

Design Insight - Flexibility

The space is meant to serve as a canvas for a variety of events. From seating to screens, the mobile benches can be displaced to frame collaboration zones or flipped around to provide seating for a presentation style gathering.

“This unique facility fully leverages our proximity to this national innovation hub and further enhances Carleton’s reputation as a leader in high-tech research, teaching and innovation. In close contact with tech industry leaders, our students will cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset and benefit from hands-on learning towards leadership positions in this critical sector.”
Benoit Antoine-Bacon, President, Carleton University
Make it new

Make it new

Nothing better than bringing out the real character of a 1984 concrete slab to inject new energy into this office space. A simple material palette brings it all together.


Project Manager: KRP Properties

Photographer: Kevin Belanger