Constitution Square Lobby

The aim of refreshing the CSQ lobby was to further enrich an open and inviting space that complements the businesses inside and seamlessly blends with the streetscape on the outside.

The redesigned lobby elements are founded on supporting post-pandemic working environments equipped with functional design, heightened inclusivity, and natural accents - perfect for hosting events and fostering lively interaction.

Design Insight - High-Tech Art

In each of the three towers, four-sided LED columns featuring a series of custom-crafted artwork serve as bright and interactive embellishments to the lobby space, inspiring conversation.

A Modern Material Palette

A Modern Material Palette

Wooden panelling and brass lighting elements were added to modernize the lobby while both embracing and juxtaposing its iconic blue granite.

Design Insight - Inclusivity at the Forefront

To bring an inclusive and barrier-free experience to the CSQ Lobby, work areas were provided with varied seating heights and accessibility ramps, supporting users with alternative mobility capacities. The signage was also updated to include both French and English, and the concierge and security desks include a lowered countertop and rounded edges - enhancing the visual connection for visitors requiring assistance.

A variety of lush greenery is incorporated into the design and plays a role in adding a layer of tranquility and warmth.
A moss wall provides a refreshing and vibrant backdrop to a recreational leisure area.

Project Facts

18, 209
The amount of tile in Sq ft we replaced, which is more than enough to cover the Canadian Tire Center rink!
The number of new lights installed.
The number of steps it takes to get from one side of the lobby to the other, about 520 ft!
The floor to ceiling polished blue granite, which was bought in bulk when the building was first constructed, characterizes the space.
Outdoor Seating

Outdoor Seating

New seating areas and natural wood elements echo the interior lobby environment, creating a newfound sense of place for work breaks, team meetings and private or community events.

"Really what it’s about is more of this collaborative theme where tenants want the ability to jump out of their offices, go down and sit down or collaborate".
Jimmy Buzaglo - TD Asset Management’s Vice President, real estate investments.


General contractor: Lundy Construction

Moss wall: ByNature

Wayfinding and Digital Media: Forge Media

Globe and Pendant Light Fixtures: Viso Lighting

Photographer: Kevin Belanger