In the post-pandemic work era where many businesses adopted "hybrid" or WFH options for employees, Evah Corp. went all in with their brand new, physical, office space.

They recognized the need for a productive workspace for their staff and for the opportunity for them to engage with one another in-person.

Design Insight - Health & Modernity

The best spaces reflect the character of their inhabitants. For this bright, young tech/science start-up, this means blending their background in science, research with the "leading-edge".

“Maybe the office shouldn't be called an "office" anymore. It's a hub.
Renaud Balandras, Sr. Designer & Project Lead, Linebox Studio
Lounge Space

Lounge Space

In Montreal there's a name for after-work drinks, it's called a "5 à 7". Our clients wanted to create a space where these informal gatherings happen easily.

Not only a place to work but also a place to welcome collaborators.


Contractor: Group Manovra

Photographer: Alex Lesage