Fold Place

The clients wanted open, flowing spaces. LB delivered with a home that employs simplicity to make modest dimensions seem larger. A “folding” of space creates horizontal and vertical fluidity between spaces and levels.

Fold Place is an urban dwelling for an informal lifestyle that is devoted to engaging its community with a sense of openness and character.

Interior Garden

Interior Garden

Ottawa’s long winter months are offset by plants and trees that usher consistent colour and freshness inside.

Custom Entry

Custom Entry

A closet and built-in bench serve double-duty, providing storage and a means to divide the interior living space.

A kitchen open to the dining room and living area
"LB inspired us from the first day. Their desire to create something beautiful materialized into our dream home".
Greg & Beata Campbell
Dark coloured, open risers add contrast and openness
Boutique Bathroom

Boutique Bathroom

The master bath feels opulent. A floating vanity, windows positioned above the eye line and opaque glass convey a high-end, cheeky feel.

Design Insight - Folding

The "folding" nature of the metal wrap-around on the home's exterior create fluidity and continuity.


Builder: The Lake Partnership

Millworker: Construction Behaviour

Photographers: Erin Borg and Doublespace Photography

Top down view onto interior garden