Georgian Partners

Inviting. Primed for future growth. A mirror for the company’s culture. Those were the directives that lead the design of Georgian’s office spaces. The result is a space that can adapt to suit a wide array of functions.

“There really is that whole unquantifiable portion [in office space design] that is so absolutely critical to the health and welfare of your employees.”
John Berton, Co-founder - Georgian Partners VC


The material palette draws cues from a timeless yet transitional approach, where solid materials are applied in contemporary ways.

The building draws light deep within thanks to a series of glass enclosures. They also enable a feeling of openness throughout.
Dark wood cladding on the boardroom is charred Cyprus

Project Fun Facts

The number of phases so far in this project. Beginning in 2016 and continuing through 2020, GP just keeps on growing.
Total square footage for all phases to date
The total number of brass rivets on the spiral staircase
The number of steps in the spiral staircase

Design Insight

Employees have access to both private and touch-down offices that can at times double as small meeting rooms.

The rest of the space is reserved for a variety of meeting environments that range from public to private.

Glass enclosures contribute to the openness of the space as well as drawing light deeper into the building


Project manager: Ripple Projects

Construction manager: Ripple Projects

Builder: Ripple Projects

Millworker: Yabba Woodwork

Stair guy: Nova Metal Solutions, Florin Novac

Photographers: Arnal Photography, Scott Norsworthy

Feature staircase

Feature staircase

This staircase was added in a later phase of the build as the company grew and needed to expand into the space above.

Metal Rivets

Metal Rivets

The spiral staircase's brass rivet detailing is a nod to old school leatherwork.