GSoft (now Workleap)

There are many things that set GSoft apart. That’s evident as soon as you step through the doors. A set of passions run through the company like strands of DNA. Skateboarding is one of those. And its inseparable from their culture. We loved them instantly.

They say their software solutions help you work differently. We wanted to help them do the same. LB created spaces that encourage the freedom to explore endlessly. A varied and unexpected office landscape acts as the perfect indoor park where those two hallmarks of inspiration - exploration and freedom - abound.

Grand Prix Du Design & Grand Prix Platiné

A panel of international jurists awarded GSoft two prestigious design awards.

Design Insight - GHall

The main office entrance leads to the central communal hall which is also open to the public for talks and presentations. There is a show kitchen that is open to all staff and is also used by local chefs for pop-up events.

A meeting room overlooking GHall

Design Insight - Ride it!

70,000 sqft of office space is vast! And it required a solution to move easily from one end to another. So whether on foot, scooter, hoverboard, bicycle and – obviously – skateboard, the office is entirely “rideable”.

A "pump run" is a classic skate park addition to the path system.

Project Fun Facts

Project completion
Total Square Footage
The number of circular windows. That's 27 more than most offices have!
Meters of skate path, complete with a wormhole, snake run and a legit half-pipe
“It's unbelievable what you can achieve when you provide the right work environment. We're proud of our culture and know that it's played a major role in our success.”
Simon De Baene, CEO at GSoft, ShareGate and Officevibe - Linkedin article, July 2020
Focus rooms.

Focus rooms.

Sometimes extended periods of intense focus are what gets the job done. Sometimes team meet ups are the thing that stimulates the last leg of a creative project. These rooms are perfect for both.

La Pointe

La Pointe

GSoft is proud of their roots in the Pointe-Saint-Charles, Montreal. The meeting rooms of the GHall give subtle nods to some of their favourite spots in the neighbourhood.


Project Manager: Cresa Ottawa PM inc.

Construction Manager: JCB construction

Builder: JCB construction

Millworker: RCM Architectural, Marfoglia Construction

Skatepark modules: Tessier Récréo-Parc / Rick Design

Photographer: Claude-Simon Langlois

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