Hexo Gatineau

Cannabis is a burgeoning industry in Canada. And Hexo is in a unique position as a pioneering company in the new industry. Our collaboration with them was exciting. There was no prevailing vernacular for offices in their high growth industry and this design helped lay the groundwork.

For Hexo, it was their first official office space and is now their corporate headquarters.

Design Insights - Brand Integration

Integrated branding defines Hexo’s new headquarters. Projects always work best with a collective spirit. We worked closely with their marketing department to weave brand colours and other subtle items throughout the offices.

Overlooking The Greenhouse

Overlooking The Greenhouse

Like farmhouses staring out over their crops, the row of boardrooms and meeting rooms overlook the cultivation facility’s greenhouse.

Local Suppliers

Local Suppliers

As is the case for most of our projects, the vast majority of the light fixtures are from Canadian manufacturers.

Design Insight - Curiosity

Curiosity and exploration are the underpinnings Hexo’s drive. We certainly appreciate those two qualities and were keen to support them by developing a learning space within their office.

The room serves dual purposes. It’s both an educational hub and an on-boarding room.


Construction Manager: Northwood Developments Inc.

Builder: Northwood Developments Inc.

Artists: Murals by Jason Wasserman

Photographer: Kevin Belanger