LEED Platinum, GOHBA Award Winner

When you come home to Ottawa after having lived in Australia for several years, as our clients had, there are going to be some adjustments.

Kirchoffer is a short stroll to popular beach on the banks of the Ottawa river. The homeowners wanted to incorporate as much beachy, open feel as possible. We could certainly understand that!

Environmental concerns played a pivotal role in the decisions made in designing the house. We were delighted at the level of the clients’ commitment to sustainability and to minimizing the overall environmental impact of the home.

Connection To Nature

Connection To Nature

We extended the connection to outdoor life with a four season interior lounge. The nation’s capital can get a little chillier than Bondi Beach, so we added a rooftop deck with a hot tub.

An Inspired Look

An Inspired Look

The materiality and finishes recall the colours of sand, driftwood, rock and pebbles and evoke images of beach houses.

A LEED Platinum Home!

LEED is the most widely used green building rating system in the world. Platinum is the highest rating attainable and the list of buildings that have attained the status around the world is very small.

Just 3,800 at the time of this posting. We’re particularly proud of our involvement in the achievement and the homeowners’ steadfastness in being as ecologically prudent as possible.

A Sharp, Flat Feature

Piano is a cherished instrument for the family. The custom metal guardrail on the stair references the keys of a piano. There may even be 88 of them. (You’re welcome to count.) When the sun beams through, the detailing casts a soaring scale of shadows.

Design Insight - Focused On Interests

The clients' multiple interests include high tech, so Linebox was sure to incorporate a media and games room in the basement, as well as a virtual reality space and a dedicated music room.

Project Fun Facts

The year of completion
The total square footage of the home
This was our first project with a Tesla charging in the garage.
The rooftop is lush with blueberry bushes as well as other plants native to region.
“The team accepted all the challenges and we ended up with an amazing house. We felt like together we built a masterpiece and enjoyed the process of working with everyone.”
Nadine Martel - client


Construction Manager & Builder: The Lake Partnership

Photographer: Justin Van Leeuwen