Klipfolio’s new office space had to suit their current staffing numbers, of course. But it also needed to accommodate a larger team without necessitating another round of construction down the line.

A really unique property in Ottawa’s downtown core had captured their eye for some time. It was a defunct movie theatre in the World Exchange Plaza. 2017 brought a ton of excitement. A lease was signed and we were very eager to start work on the unusual space. Its impressive double-height ceilings, open volumes and mezzanine catwalks called out loudly.

Daunting Heights

High ceilings are dramatic and can be beautiful. But they pose practical challenges and we needed address them. Optimal lighting is crucial for work stations. We designed each area with an eye to ensuring neither strain-less vision nor inviting light were lost.

Design Insights

We put a lot of value in partnerships. Klipfolio wholeheartedly embraced the quirky nature of the location. No hesitation. That’s what allowed us to create an array of truly unique spaces.

Colourful Conduits

Running the cabling through the floor wasn’t going to be possible. Not a problem. We opted to run data and power from the ceiling in conduits. We painted them in Klipfolio's brand colours, drawing attention to them rather than hiding them. LB created a unique and iconic feature in the process.

"We have put a major emphasis on designing collaborative areas with a variety of different working environments, so that we can continue to explore and expand.”
Allan Wille, CEO and Co-Founder of Klipfolio - Newswire, Apr 03, 2018
Kitchen Talk

Kitchen Talk

The kitchen’s unique shape is the result of its dual purpose. It’s a functional kitchen, of course. But it also serves as sound barrier to the overhead mechanical.

Click, Refresh

Click, Refresh

Several of the original film reels found in the building were saved and mounted on the lobby wall as a visual memo of the space’s past.

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek

Klipfolio’s logo is hidden throughout the office. A scavenger hunt at the opening party, challenged guests to find out how many logos had been discreetly scattered by the muralist, Peru.


Project Manager: Cresa Ottawa PM inc.

Construction Manager: Bassi Construction

Builder: Bassi Construction

Millworker: Terlin Construction

Artists: Murals by Peru Dyer

Photographer: Claude-Simon Langlois