Saint-Charles Market

Saint-Charles Market is a development project that reimagines the purpose of the church building and adds density to its surrounding property while paying respect to the building that stands at the heart of the development.

2022 GOHBA Award Winner - Best Condo

2022 GOHBA Award Winner - Best Condo

Starry Night Wall

Starry Night Wall

This magical wall surrounds the inner courtyard of SCM and is illuminated at nighttime with windows and backlit glazing, creating a dynamic backdrop for the church building.

Views from the balcony

Terracotta Tiles

The new building is clad in durable terracotta panels whose colour and textures are reminiscent of the heritage church brick facade.

Reinvigorating Main St.

Inspired by the history and culture of the surrounding neighbourhood, SCM is designed to harmonize with a dynamic streetscape.

Design Insight - Horizontal Homes

The development includes 54 condominiums conceived as single storey “horizontal homes” designed to be just as comfortable and spacious as single-family dwellings.

"We are happy to see the protection of the church and new activation for the main street.”
City Councillor, Mathieu Fleury
Puzzle Parking

Puzzle Parking

Only the second such system to be installed in Ottawa, it provides efficient parking for the development with very limited excavation needed.

Project Fun Facts

The year the original wood-clad church was built
Total square footage of the project
Members of the secret society "Ordre de Jacques Cartier" which was founded at the church in 1926.
Total number of units in the new development


Project/Construction Manager: The Lake Partnership

Developer: Modbox

Millworker: Irpinia

Renderings: Hallett Visual

Photography: Justin Van Leeuwan