Design a home for a professional chef and a coffee shop owner, and you can be pretty sure that the kitchen will be more than a focal point.

Carefully layer this with the desire to retain the historical charm of their townhome and you get an idea of the scope of the challenge – and our excitement to tackle it.

A Chef's Kitchen

A Chef's Kitchen

A great kitchen island is the chef’s stage. The beauty of this design is that his guests feel included while he works his magic – through the whole the experience from prep to plate.

Design Insight - The Island

The stainless steel sheath is pure no-nonsense kitchen. The four-foot wide solid cherry counter is warm and charming. The sandwiched materials couple with a lengthwise envelope that hides dinnerware and keeps the upper counter open for entertaining.

Reinvigorating a 1,200s.f. red brick, character-filled townhouse, the new design celebrates through contrast the eclecticism of the existing while filling it with a clean, contemporary feel, including custom artwork by Chris Griffin.
"Linebox was open to a truly collaborative and improvisational approach to our project."
Matthew Carmichael – Client
The restored staircase and eclectic mix of modern and vintage furniture lend a warmth to the main floor, juxtaposed against the clean cool lines of tile, millwork, lighting and stark white drywall walls.
Lath & Plaster

Lath & Plaster

The home’s ribs peek through. A backlit cutout reveals the original lath that once supported plaster.

Exposed brick affirms a sense of history and adds a loft-like feel

Design Insight - Stylish Hotel

The second floor serves as a boutique hotel suite complete with a second living room, coffee bar, changing area, bedroom, and bathroom. It’s an open-concept space that transforms via large pivoting and sliding doors that grant varying degrees of privacy.


Construction: The Lake Partnership

Photography: The General Studio

Light Fixtures: Ng – Castor Design

Front Door: Nabil & Elizabeth Assaf – Urban Front