Rockcliffe Park Fieldhouse

In Canada, when a group who calls themselves the Hosers asks you to do something, there’s only one response. ‘For sure, buds’. All weeklong, any season of the year, this green space is used intensely by the community.

The community group, “Rockcliffe Hosers”, organize events and maintain the skating rink during the winter months. They decided it was time this park had a proper field house.

Design Insight - Lantern in the Night

Lit up at night, the pavilion acts as an overgrown Japanese lantern. The slight angle of the canopy clad in bright cedar reflects a warm glow in all directions.

Award Winner

Award Winner

Ottawa Urban Design Awards: Public Spaces & Civic Spaces 2019

The skating rink transforms into a sports pad in the warmer months.
“There are so few things that pull everyone together but it’s amazing what a rink will do”
Louise Malhotra, Board Member, Rockcliffe Park Residents Association (RPRA)
The field house is visible from all corners of the site and from the surrounding roads and buildings.
The Canopy

The Canopy

Linebox designed a very small building with a very big roof. The oversized canopy is an open invitation for everybody to gather, find shelter on hot and cold days, interact and play.



The field house acts as a central hub between the four important elements present on site :

  • The public school

  • The soccer field

  • Jubilee Garden

  • The skating rink


Community Leaders: Claridge Homes

Working Drawings: Neuf Architects

Photography: Justin Van Lewan